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The Hepatitis B Foundation has prepared information packets for those seeking more information about hepatitis B and is available to download. These packets contain brochures and information sheets, as well other useful educational materials.

This packet provides general information about Hepatitis B. It serves as an excellent resource for the general public as well as students who are preparing a report on hepatitis B. Copies of our current B-Informed Newsletter, Information Sheets, Brochures, and information about the Hepatitis B virus are included.

This packet contains information for adoptive and biological parents of children with hepatitis B. It contains the same information as the General packet, as well as a Parent Information packet.

This packet contains all of the information included in the General packet as well as "AASLD Practice Guidelines", "Hepatitis B Labor and Delivery Guidelines", "Exposure to Blood" packet, and the HBF Information sheet: “Hepatitis B and Health Care Providers, What You Need to Know”.

As a voluntary, tax-exempt charitable organization, we depend on individual donations to fund our efforts. We invite each of you to help support our efforts by making a generous donation today. Thank you!

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