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Spring 2016
Highlights Include:

  • Baruch S. Blumberg Institute’s Hepatitis B Research Pipeline
  • Good News in Bad Nauheim: The 2015 International HBV Meeting
  • Blumberg Institute Forges New Academic Partnerships
  • Dr. Bud Tennant Receives the HBF 2016 Baruch S. Blumberg Prize
  • You Have Three Months to Live
  • A Nobel Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

Fall 2015
Highlights Include:

  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Hepatitis B Virus Discovery
  • First World Hepatitis Summit in Glasgow Scotland
  • Antiviral Research Journal Focuses on New HBV Therapies
  • The W. Thomas London Distinguished Professorship Established
  • 3rd Annual Hep B United National Summit
  • Speaking Personally: The Story of a 31 Year Old Woman

Spring 2015
Highlights Include:

  • Hepatitis B Foundation Recruits World-Class Scientists
  • Hepatitis B Virus Turns 50!
  • Hollywood Ending for International HBV Meeting
  • Dr. Eugene Schiff Receives 2015 Blumberg Prize
  • Princeton Workshop Focuses on Liver Cancer
  • When Ignorance Is Not Bliss
  • WHO Issues New HBV Guidelines

Fall 2014
Highlights Include:

  • Making Hepatitis B History: Research at the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute
  • Hep B United’s 2nd Annual Summit
  • WHO Invites HBF to Help Develop Their HBV Management Guidelines
  • HBF’s Haimen City Project in China a Success
  • Public Health Popularity Contest
  • Africa’s Growing Hepatitis B Crisis

Spring 2014
Highlights Include:

  • Hepatitis B and Liver Transplantation
  • In Memory of Arline Loh
  • International HBV Meeting Highlights
  • Hep B United Rolls Out National Plan
  • Dr. Thomas Starzl Receives HBF Blumberg Prize
  • Liver Cancer Killed My Sister

Fall 2013
Highlights Include:

  • Hepatitis B Foundation Research Institute Renamed in Honor of Dr. Baruch S. Blumberg
  • HBF Awarded 3-Year Cooperative Agreement from CDC
  • About "A Nobel Challenge"
  • Cure Agenda at Princeton Workshop
  • CHIPO: HBV and African Immigrants
  • A Gay Man's Thoughts on HBV

Spring 2013
Highlights Include:

  • U.S. Dept. of Justice Strikes Down HBV Discrimination
  • Targeting cccDNA Could Be Game Changer
  • Hep B United Community Action Plan
  • Indonesia's Hepatitis B Crisis
  • Chronic Hepatitis B or C: Which is Worse?

Fall 2012
Highlights Include:

  • First Hep B United National Summit
  • CDC Updates HBV Recommendations for Healthcare Workers
  • Remembering Dr. R. Palmer Beasley
  • First B Informed Parent Conference
  • What Does the ACA Mean for the Hepatitis B Community?
  • Preventable Loss of An Older Brother

Spring 2012
Highlights Include:

  • Hepatitis B Discrimination Alive and Well in the U.S.
  • Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health of HHS, Honored at Crystal Ball
  • New Recommendations for Chronic Hepatitis B in Pregnancy
  • Natural Products Discovery Institute is Open for Business
  • HBF Launches LiverCancerConnect.org to Help Patients

Fall 2011
Highlights Include:

  • Merck Donates Entire Natural Products Library to Hepatitis B Foundation
  • Stopping HBV at the Door: Myrcludex B
  • HBF Consensus Recommendations for Primary Care Providers Published
  • HBV Reactivation: Do or Die Testing
  • 2011 Princeton Workshop: Are New HBV Drugs Needed?
  • 20th Anniversary Crystal Ball Raises $95,000!

Spring 2011
Highlights Include:

  • Hepatitis B Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • Our Milestones and Photos Over 20 Years!
  • Is HBV Undertreated?
  • Health Care Reform and HBV
  • HBF Honor Roll
  • Friends, Followers and Tweeps

Fall 2010
Highlights Include:

  • Dr. R. Palmer Beasley Honored as HBF Distinguished Scientist 2010
  • Primary Care and Pediatric HBV Recommendations
  • Launch of Hep B Free Philadelphia!
  • Hepatitis B Foundation Receives $400,000 Grant for New China Program
  • Hepatitis B Public-Private Partnership? By guest columnist Dr. Laura L. Janik

Fall 2009
Highlights Include:

  • HBV and Pancreatic Cancer
  • HBV Discrimination in China Persists
  • Highlights from 9th Annual Patient Conference
  • Hepatitis B Foundation Capitol News 
  • Personally Speaking: For My Daughter

Spring 2009
Highlights Include:

  • Children Need Guidelines, Too
    (HBF convenes first Pediatric HBV Workshop of liver specialists)
  • When More Can Be Worse: HBV Co-Infections
  • A Network to Watch – NIH Hepatitis B Clinical Research Network
  • Final NIH Consensus Conference Statement on the Management of HBV
  • Donor List 2008

acrobat documentWinter 2009
Highlights Include:

  • NIH Consensus Conference on Management of HBV
  • International HBV Meeting 2008
  • Navigating the HBV Treatment Guidelines
  • Foundation at the Forefront

acrobat documentFall 2008
Highlights Include:

  • Op-Ed by Baruch Blumberg
  • Congressional Briefing Results in Action
  • Dr. Anna Lok Honored at Crystal Ball
  • HBF Patient Conference 2008 Attracts Hundreds

acrobat documentSpring 2008
Highlights Include:

  • HepDART 2007 Tackles HCC
  • New Gateway to Care Campaign
  • Believe in the Cure Cycling Tour
  • Finding a Good Doctor

acrobat documentWinter 2008
Highlights Include:

  • International HBV Meeting Attracts Record Numbers
  • HDV Discovery Celebrates 30th Anniversary
  • Focus on HBV Co-Infections
  • HBV Bill Re-introduced in Congress

acrobat documentFall 2007
Highlights Include:

  • Underestimation of Chronic Hepatitis B in the U.S.
  • HBV Could Be key to Missing Women
  • Patient Conference Highlights
  • Building the Ranks of Future Scientists

acrobat documentSummer 2007
Highlights Include:

  • Dr. Frank Chisari Honored with HBF Distinguished Scientist Award
  • Viral Load Predicts HCC Risk
  • Hepatitis Awareness Month Review
  • HBF Co-Sponsors Historic Library of Congress Symposium
  • New Public Health Research Department Launched

acrobat documentSpring 2007
Highlights Include:

  • Annual Report 2006
  • HBF Princeton Workshop Focuses on Early Detection of Liver Cancer
  • Nobel Laureate Dr. Baruch Blumberg Joins HBF
  • International HBV Meeting Highlights
  • New Medical and Scientific Leaders on HBF Board

Past Issues

acrobat documentFall 2006
Highlights Include:

  • HBV Treatment Guidelines Updated
  • Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County Opens
  • 2006 B-Informed Patient Conference Update
  • Comparison of HBV Drug Costs

acrobat documentSummer 2006
Highlights Include:

  • Viral Load- How Low Should We Go
  • Congressional Briefing on HBV kicks off
    Aim for the B Week
  • National Strategic Plan to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis Released

acrobat documentWinter 2006
Highlights Include:

  • Int'l HBV Meeting 2006
  • HBV Bill Reaches Congress
  • Hepatitis D Virus Affects Millions Worldwide
  • 2005 Donor List

acrobat documentFall 2005
Highlights Include:

  • Aim for the B Campaign
  • 2005 Patient Conference Highlights
  • Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research Update
  • Updated Drug Watch and Clinical Trials

acrobat documentSpring 2005
Highlights Include:

  • Entecavir Approved
  • Therapies for Liver Cancer
  • HBF 2005 Crystal Ball Celebration

acrobat documentWinter 2005
Highlights include:

  • HBF Opens New Research Institute
  • The State of HBV Research Funding
  • NIH Action Plan for Liver Disease Research
  • Donor List 2004

acrobat documentFall 2004
Highlights include:

  • HBF Partnership with Drexel University
  • 4th Annual B Informed Patient Conference Highlights
  • New HBF Research Training Program
  • Updated Drug Watch and HBF Clinical Trials

acrobat documentSpring 2004
Highlights include:

  • HBF Crystal Ball Celebration
  • New Treatment Guidelines
  • Children and Hepatitis B
  • HBV Drugs, One Size Doesn't Fit All

acrobat documentWinter 2004
Highlights include:

  • 9th Annual Princeton Workshop Meets in Hawaii
  • HBV Clinical Endpoints
  • NIH Action Plan for Liver Disease Research
  • HBV Patient Conference Goes West

acrobat documentFall 2003
Highlights include:

  • B-Informed 2003 Patient Conference in Review
  • Clevudine: Promising New Drug with Nowhere To Go
  • NIH Establishes the Liver Disease Research Branch
  • Impact of Hepatitis B on Families
  • New HBV Clinical Trials! 

acrobat documentSpring 2003
Highlights include:

  • Dr. So Talks about HBV and Liver Cancer
  • One Man's Story - Living with Liver Cancer
  • Upcoming Patient Conference 2003
  • Dr. Jay Hoofnagle Receives "Distinguished Scientist" Award
  • PKIDs Goes to China

acrobat documentWinter 2003
Highlights include:

  • HBF Receives $7.9 Million Grant 
  • 8th Annual Princeton Workshop
  • HBV in Pakistan
  • HBF Lab Searches for a Cure: Glucovirs or Alkovirs?

acrobat documentFall 2002
Highlights include:

  • 2nd Annual Patient Conference
  • HBV in India
  • HBF Lab Update
  • Adefovir Approved by FDA

acrobat documentSummer 2002
Highlights include:

  • HBF Crystal Ball Honorees 2002
  • HBV in Senegal and China
  • Visit Our New Bookstore!
  • HBV Clinical Trials

acrobat documentWinter 2002
Highlights include:

  • 7th Annual Princeton Workshop
  • AASLD Practice Guidelines for HBV
  • Therapeutic DNA Vaccines
  • Hepatitis B Book Bonanza
  • New Pediatric Hepatitis Report

acrobat documentFall 2001
Highlights include:

  • Lamivudine for Kids Approved
  • Princeton Workshop Surfs to Hawaii
  • Management of Chronic Hepatitis B
  • "Living with HBV: A Survivor's Guide"
  • HBF Website Wins Award

acrobat documentSpring 2001
Highlights include:

  • HBF 10th Anniversary Crystal Ball
  • 1st "B-Informed" Patient Conference Held at HBF
  • Meet Nobel Laureate Dr. Baruch Blumberg
  • 1st Online Patient Survey Results
  • Breakthrough Rx for Kids
  • Bruce Witte Distinguished Lecturer, John Gerin, Ph.D.

acrobat documentWinter 2001
Highlights include:

  • Princeton Workshop 2000: National HBV Research Agenda
  • NIH Workshop on Hepatitis B
  • Entecavir in Early Clinical Trials for Chronic HBV
  • Treatments Available for Children with HBV
  • HBF Announces New Chinese Chapter on its Website
  • Message from Our New President, Dr. Timothy Block

acrobat documentFall 2000
Highlights include:

  • Good Nutrition Can Enhance Liver Health
  • Oral Viral Proteins
  • 2000 Awards Celebration
  • 1st HBF Bruce Witte Research Fellow, Dr. Anand Mehta

acrobat documentSpring 2000
Highlights include:

  • The Battle Against HB: The Evolution of a Cure
  • How to Enroll in Clinical Trials
  • Speaking Personally...A Mother Reflects on the Effects of Hepatitis B on Her Family
  • 1st Bruce Witte Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Raymond Schinazi

acrobat documentWinter 2000
Highlights include:

  • 5th Annual Princeton Workshop
  • Gallery of Leaders Awards
  • Newborn HBV Vaccine Update

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