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Welcome to the
Hepatitis B Foundation

Top Stories

Potential Cure for Hepatitis B Enters Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial
Dec 15 – A new treatment developed by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers to promote the cure of chronic hepatitis B virus infection is now recruiting patients for a phase I/2a clinical trial. Read more.

Antiviral Treatment among Pregnant Women with Chronic Hepatitis B
Dec 15 – Antiviral treatment patterns for chronic hepatitis B among pregnant and nonpregnant women provides a baseline for assessing changes in treatment patterns in this open source article written by CDC authors. Increased use of antivirals to prevent breakthrough perinatal hepatitis B infection is anticipated. Read more.

Prize-winning Hepatitis B Mobile App Diagnostic Tool
Dec 15 – Students and faculty from Stanford University have developed a portable device that can be used to run diagnostic tests including the detection of the hepatitis B infection, which can be completed within 10 minutes. Read more.

Mold on Corn Can Cause Liver Cancer
Dec 15 – Certain molds that may grow on corn, pistachios, and peanuts, produce a deadly carcinogenic toxin that is a risk factor for liver cancer. Professor Felicia Wu and her team at Michigan State are working to identify cost-effective, feasible aflatoxin prevention methods in developing countries. Read more.

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HBF Happenings

Shop 'Til you Drop with AmazonSmile and Support the Hepatitis B Foundation
Do you shop online with Amazon? Make the Hepatitis B Foundation your charity of choice and shop using AmazonSmile – same great selection, prices, and services AND the AmazonSmile Foundation supports the HBF by donating 0.5% of eligible purchases. Learn more here.


Hepatitis B Foundation Hires Lou Kassa as New Chief Operating Officer
Dec. 15 – The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to announce Louis P. Kassa III has been hired as the new Chief Operating Officer. Kassa will oversee daily operations at the Hepatitis B Foundation and the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute. Read more.


Hepatitis B Foundation Receives Competitive Grant of $313,000 for Public Health Program in China

Dec 8, 2014 - New patient empowerment program builds on the Hepatitis B Foundation’s successful 3-year outreach and awareness campaign conducted in Haimen City, China.

Hepatitis B Foundation’s Young Scientists Program
Supported by Fulton Bank


Campaign Focuses on Reducing HBV in Chinese City
Aug 25 – The Hepatitis B Foundation published initial results from its 3-year outreach campaign in Haimen City, China, which is the first of its kind to provide hepatitis B education to an entire city that included clinicians, civic leaders and the city’s 1 million residents. Read the HBF publication.

Hep B United Issues Recommendations on HHS Action Plan

Hepatitis B Foundationís Joan Block Honored at White House


Hepatitis B Foundationís Joan Block Honored at White House


Journal for American Association of Physician Assistants (JAAPA) Publishes HBF Clinical Algorithm
This article represents the last major primary care journal that has published the Hepatitis B Foundation’s clinical algorithm for the screening, evaluation and monitoring of hepatitis B in the primary care setting. The other journals include J. of Family Practice, American J. Medicine, The Female Patient, and J. of Nurse Practitioners.



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APASL Single Topic Conference 4th HBV Conference
Baiyun International Convention Center, Ghangzhou, China

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