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National Strategic Plan to Eliminate
Viral Hepatitis in the United States

The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) published the first national strategic plan to eliminate viral hepatitis in the U.S. It was presented to Congress during May Hepatitis Awareness in 2006 by the Hepatitis B Foundation, which serves as chair of this 120 member coalition of nonprofit organizations.

The plan - Eliminating Hepatitis: A Call to Action - is a comprehensive roadmap for winning the battle against viral hepatitis, and is intended for those who have a role in influencing the course of public policies. Through careful planning and a strong commitment to do whatever is required, the NHVR believes this goal is attainable.

Eliminating Hepatitis: A Call to Action
“Americans no longer suffer from polio, measles, and smallpox; we have eliminated those diseases. In that spirit, we intend to ensure that no American suffers from viral hepatitis.”

1. Build the Capacity to Address the Challenges of Viral Hepatitis
Improve laboratory tests; develop new treatments; support health systems research; create a national surveillance network; fund patient outreach and education, vaccination, counseling, screening and testing programs; and support comprehensive care for the uninsured.

2. Vaccinate America to Eliminate Vaccine-Preventable Viral Hepatitis
Achieve universal hepatitis A and hepatitis B immunization; protect newborns immediately with hepatitis B vaccine and 1-year olds with hepatitis A vaccine; require hepatitis vaccination for school entry; make special efforts to vaccinate everyone at risk; and accelerate development of a hepatitis C vaccine.

3. Counsel, Test and Refer persons At Risk for Viral Hepatitis to Inform Them About How to Reduce Their Risks
Make all Americans aware of viral hepatitis; create counseling, testing and referral programs to reach those who are infected; and improve the quality of the tests and the laboratories that make diagnoses.

4. Care for Persons with Chronic Hepatitis and Help Them Participate in the Management of Their Condition
Expand access to care and promote care based on the best guidelines; revise the criteria that determine when an affected individual is eligible to receive disability benefits.

Defeating viral hepatitis requires strong partnerships such as those forged by the NVHR, which is working to help develop the best policies, encourage the best healthcare practices, and secure the funding needed to accomplish this mission.

Learn more about the NVHR and its national strategy.


Molli Conti presents NVHR plan to Congressman Ed Towns (center) with Dr. Timothy Block.

Molli Conti presents NVHR plan to U.S. Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania in Washington, DC, on May 10, 2006.

The NVHR Plan is officially presented by Molli Conti, Chair of NVHR, to Congress on May 10, 2006. Standing left to right: Dr. Timothy Block (HBF), Marie Bresnahan (ALF), Congressman Charles Dent, Molli Conti (HBF and Chair of NVHR), Congressman Mike Honda, Joan Block (HBF), and Elizabeth Murphy (ALF).



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